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How a lavishly stocked winter pantry is the heart of food security

I feel that I am one of the fortunate people who had the opportunity to have a warm and caring relationship with my grandparents. I had a deep desire to learn from them and they were willing teachers. Without them my world view on food would definitely have fallen into the mindset of “get it cheap, get is easy.” I had the opportunity to work side by side with them, learning as I shadowed them in their work.

Do You Want to Cook the Perfect Roast

You have taken the time and spent the money to find cleanly raised grassfed beef, but now how are your going to cook it? Our family has been raising grassfed/grass finished beef for over thirty years so we have had a lot of practice cooking it. At first it was a challenge. I have definitely had my fair share of tough roasts. But that was in the past. Now my roasts turn out tender and juicy no matter what cut I use. I have found that a little time spent on preparation will give you delicious results every time. Check out this slide show as I take you from beginning to end.