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Custom Meat Processing

Quality custom meat processing for our local community.

Custom Meat Processing

We are excited to announce that we are expanding our on-farm retail butcher shop to include custom cutting of your domestic animals and wild game.

We have been direct marketing our farm raised meats since 1998 and had used multiple custom processors. In 2010 we decided to take quality control into our own hands by building our on-farm government inspected processing facility.

There was nothing more frustrating than putting our heart, soul and money into raising high quality animals for our customers only to have the finished products come back from the processor poorly trimmed, cut and packaged. It is important to us that we get our own meat back. Because of this frustration we are committed to NOT co-mingle trim from several customers just for the sake of convenience. You WILL receive your own meat back.

In addition, all our value-added meats are gluten-free, corn-free, filler & binder-free, MSG-free, nitrate-free and dairy-free. Our fresh sausages are made with just meat, organic sea salt, and spices. Our smoked, ready-to-eat sausages are made with only meat, organic sea salt and spices, then smoked with real wood chips. Our hams are brined in organic sea salt and water, then smoked with real wood chips.

We dry-age all BEEF for 10 - 14 days. We do charge an extra $10.00/day for additional aging if the carcass allows for it.

Requests for organ meats must be made at time of booking. This makes great treats for your pets.

We are Alberta On-farm Slaughter Approved.

Our Domestic & Wild Game Meat Processing Fees

We believe that you will find our processing fees are very competitive with other local processing facilities. Unlike many facilities, our prices include cutting, grinding, wrapping and transport boxes. We take our packing up a notch by vacuum packaging all cuts which extends the storage life by preventing freezer burn and makes for an easy mess-free thaw; NO more soggy brown paper wrapped packages! All your product will be labeled with the item name.

Cut, Wrap, Freeze

Domestic: 1.35/pound

Wild Game: $1.45/lb. plus $60.00 Cleaning Fee

Please Note: Carcasses under 100 pounds $200.00 flat rate

On-farm Slaughter:

Beef $120.00

Pork $80.00

Lamb $60.00


Value-Added Processing

Stew: over 10 lbs. $0.90

Stirfry: $0.90/lb.

Jerky:  $10.00/lb. (Raw weight)

Ground: over 100 lbs. An additional $0.34/lb

Fresh Sausages: $2.95/lb. (minimum 20 lbs.)

(Breakfast (beef/pork), Bratwurst, Fresh Garlic, Mettwurst, Mild Italian, Savory Breakfast (beef/pork)

Smoked Sausages: $4.25/lb. (minimum 20 lbs.)

(Pepperoni Sticks, Smokies, Farmers Sausage, Smoked Garlic, Mennonite)

Smoked, read-to-eat Deli Slices: $4.60/lb. (minimum 20 lbs.)

(Pepperoni, All-Beef Salami, Farmstead Salami (50/50 mix of beef and pork), Old World Bologna

Bacon/Ham Curing & Smoking: Nitrate-free, Sugar-Free


Slicing Bacon

$0.35/ lb.

We reserve the right to turn away any carcass for any reason

Prices are subject to change without notice!

In light of ever increasing prices on our supplies we will occasionally need to change our pricing to reflect these changes.

Contact Us at info@harmonyswayfamilyfarm.com for current Cut Sheets